2023 Mentorship Program

The New Wave Accelerator

Where Six and Seven-Figure Entrepreneurs Come To Learn Cutting-Edge Strategy, Accomplish Huge Goals & Build Their Dream Business


Let me get right to the point: I'm not for everybody and neither is this program. It's better if you know that beforehand.

Here are the types of entrepreneurs I work with:

  • Entrepreneurs who run service-based businesses (agency owners, consultants, freelancers, etc)
  • Entrepreneurs who sell physical products (ecommerce and physical stores)
  • Entrepreneurs who sell information or knowledge (coach, trainers, course creators, etc)

These are the areas where I've been successful personally and can confidently advise.

Sound like you? Excellent. Keep reading because this page is about to blow your mind.

The Bitter Truth: Most Masterminds Don't Work?

Why? They typically focus on tactics and trends that come and go. Ours will teach you how to think strategically — and make sure that you execute on your most ambitious goals until they are a reality.

“Working with Daniel at helped me establish a foundation for my business to make the sales and marketing process predictable, scalable, and repeatable. Within 9 months, we had a 3-4X increase in monthly revenue, and it has continued to increase. Make the investment—it’s worth it.”

- Dustin Lien | EcommerceMarketer.com

ROI-Focused & People-Driven

I have years of experience with both product and service-based online business. My mentorship is ROI-focused and people-driven. That means we focus on money and KPIs — but not at the risk of selling out or selling short. I'll help you grow your business while staying true to the vision.

"Before I started I working with Daniel, I was doing $10k months, but I was completely burned out. After working together, I’m on track to do $50k per month."

- Dee Gautham

Health and fitness coach

"My business has improved 10x since working with Daniel. And I can see that because I'm looking at the numbers right now."

- Jake Lovasz

Ecommerce business owner

“Daniel showed us how to think like real CEOs and helped us grow our business by over 100% in 90 days.”

- Amber Irwin

"In the first 60 days of Daniel's mentoring program, we nearly doubled the profits in our business."

- Betsy Cardenas & Josh Sandoval

"Before I started I working with Daniel, I had just hit $8k/m. After 90 days, I’ve more than doubled that ($19k last month)."

- Vic Laranja

What Is The New Wave Six Figure Mastermind?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re a talented entrepreneur, creative or professional. I’m also guessing that you’ve already made a few big bets on yourself in life that have paid off.

And now, you’re stuck. 

The problem isn't lack of information.

There’s no shortage of information in books and online about building a successful business or improving your life — that's for damn sure. There are courses, videos, seminars and systems. The information is out there and you can learn on your own. 

But most of us need more than just passive learning through a page or screen to really make progress with things that matter. Hands-on training is the only way you can really learn complex concepts like business.

That’s where The New Wave Six-Figure Mastermind comes in.

How The New Wave Process Works

In a world where YouTube exists, Harvard puts classes online for free and anybody can livestream, one thing is clear: information is not enough to create a real transformation in your life. You’re not going to build a thriving business watching videos.

You need feedback, a system and a plan for following through. The New Wave Six-Figure Mastermind includes three core components. It’s designed to keep you in a constant state of learning, evolution and iteration.

1. Skill Acquisition

We will use books, videos and articles, to create a custom curriculum designed to teach you skills around marketing, sales, operations, finance, leadership and more.

2. Accountability

You will set goals for your business and we will plan out the timeline together. You will be held accountable in a large and small group to making progress. You'll see momentum improve dramatically.

3. Relationship

Myself + your teammates will be your sounding board, offering advice, feedback and challenges to help you reach your specific goals.

The Details

  • For beginning and intermediate business owners in the service, product and information industries
  • 3 month duration (90 days)
  • Outcome goal: Get on the six-figure+ track. Get focused on your big objectives, start generating money, level up your mindset. Make a minimum of $10k in 90 days.
  • Attend any of 2 live mastermind / networking events in 2023 (West and East coast USA)
  • Online / digital business trainings
  • Dedicated accountability group
  • Private community w/ monthly meetings
  • Awesome merch

What The Mastermind Includes

Most people come to me because business is overwhelming, there are a lot of variables and they don't know where to start. Most of all, they're sick of doing entrepreneurship alone.

The New Wave process is designed to help you gain clarity, focus and momentum so that you can get out of your own way. It's time to crush business!

Here's what you'll get as my mentee:

  • A 360 Business Assessment: a complete, personalized analysis of business strengths and weaknesses.
  • Personalized 90 Day Battle Plan: during your training, we will complete a personalized strategy map to help you execute and stay accountable.
  • Personalized Coaching working with you to develop your business strategy.
  • Private Session Recordings: to review your notes and improve.
  • Direct Training on sales, marketing, operations, finance and other essential business skills.
  • Guided Curriculum with books, resources and video training. Come ready to learn.
  • Strategic Planning to help you create your vision, set KPIs and cash flow plan.
  • Introductions to Other Entrepreneurs, vendors and connections from my network to help you get ahead.
  • Bonus: 1 new friendship with me. Someone of supposed internet significance?

I Work With Incredible Humans

My clients tend to do extraordinarily well as a result of our work together — but I think it's less about my abilities as a "business guru" and more about my knack for attracting interesting, driven, ambitious, generous, kind, intelligent, curious, woke, wacky, funny, slightly weird people.

Whatever the secret sauce is, they certainly make for compelling case studies. My mentees do the work, so what we do, works.

Get it?

“Daniel taught me solid frameworks I can use to get clarity in my business.”

- Dario CiVon

"After working with Daniel for 90 days, we went from making $7-10k/mo to $30k+."

- Lena Elkins

Simple Math: Join The Program. Do The Work. Add Six-Figures To Your Account.

This is What $5MM in New Revenue Looks Like…

Last year, my clients earned over $5MM as a direct result of working with me. Many of the entrepreneurs I work with end up 2-5x’ing their revenue in 90 days or less. 

Obviously, I cannot guarantee you’re going to get the exact same results. I’m highlighting my standout students — however, they are part of a growing trend. And there's a LOT of them.

Here’s what a few of them had to say about specific wins they had while working with me: 

Here's What Other Business Leaders Are Saying About My Work With Clients

Here's a shot of me on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

I regularly connect my clients with VIPs, leaders and influencers across various industries. I can do this because I have the respect of these leaders and they recognize the fact that I get results for my people.

"Daniel is helping entrepreneurs level up. And I'd say that even if he didn't use Teachable. This is exactly what the industry needs!"

- Ankur Nagpal | CEO of Teachable

"I think what Daniel is doing for entrepreneurs is simple but powerful — he is leading with excellence." 

- Tom Bilyeu | Impact Theory

"Daniel is helping entrepreneurs grow, both inside and out. He's a leading light for the new generation."

- Natalie Ellis | CEO of Bossbabe

"Working with students in the Daniel's mentorship program was incredible. They're changing the game."

- Erik Huberman | CEO of Hawke Media

"Daniel really understands the challenges that entrepreneurs face. His coaching is World-Class."

-Amanda Bucci | Entrepreneur

"Daniel is doing transformational work for the entrepreneurs & leaders of our generation."

- Gerard Adams | Entrepreneur & Investor


What can I expect after I apply?

  • We select and admit a curated group of 15-20 people per quarter. 
  • You must take a call with our Program Advisor (Talia) in order to be admitted.
  • We will make sure it’s a perfect fit, give you time to ask questions and clarify everything further.
  • There’s a $100 fee to prevent no-shows / weed out non-serious people — it’s 100% REFUNDABLE if you decide not to join. If you join, it will be applied to your balance.

Who should consider joining?

  • You're in the service, product or information industries
  • You’re out of the “idea phase” of business and have a strong vision of where you want to go — but need help executing the plan and staying accountable.
  • You have an existing product or service that’s making some $$, but it’s inconsistent. 
  • You’ve tried programs and courses in the past — and you’ve finally realized it’s not about more info…it’s about your own mental BS holding you back.
  • You’re sick of sitting on the sidelines while others with less talent or smarts seem to do better than you. 
  • You’re committed to leveling up your $$ with a strong support system.
  • You want training from an experienced mentor and accountability from a group who cares about seeing you succeed.

How can The Six-Figure Mastermind help my business, specifically?

I don't know everything. I know a lot about a few things. Here's what I can teach you through the New Wave Six-Figure Mastermind:

  • Sales and Marketing: customer acquisition, sales processes and revenue growth
  • Operations: Tools and systems for the backend of your business + what systems to focus on first
  • Product Development: developing physical products, digital goods or selling services
  • Customer Service: keeping customers engaged, growing MRR and LTV, lowering refund rates
  • Money and Business Finance: understanding the numbers in your business + making it much more profitable
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: how to tap in and get through the tough challenges that business owners face

What's the total investment?

There's absolutely no secrecy with our pricing. So let me give you some context:

  • Working with me to help you privately is $25,000 per quarter
  • Our one-off experiences and events range from $2,500 - $5,000
  • The last group program I ran like this ranged from $5,000 - $10,000
  • My average digital business program is $2,000
  • So “a la carte” — getting this level of support and access would be anywhere from $30,000 - $40,000, depending on what season I’m in.
  • You're getting all of the above when you join The New Wave Six-Figure Mastermind.

Total investment: $5,000 (Talia says we should raise it to $7k…)

PS — there are payment options available. Just talk to Talia.

"But $5,000 is expensive!"

Sure it is, but so is:

  • The mental garbage you’ve been subjecting yourself to for years…
  • The price of not doing everything you can to level up for yourself, your kids and your family…
  • The price of another year staying where you are economically…

Is it really expensive, considering:

  • The cost of living is going up — and not raising your business revenue means you’re actually losing money…
  • We all spend $$ on things that we want pretty mindlessly — but when it comes to things that could really benefit us, we pull back. What’s with that?
  • One good month doing what this program promises will double that.

One thing I never regret paying for is an experience — those are things that cannot be taken away from you. Just like traveling. Meeting new people, learning and growing is beyond monetary.

Are You Sick of Glowing Testimonials Yet? Too Bad. Here's More.

"I can say, hands down that working with Daniel was the best decision I’ve made in my personal and business life. Not only did he give me systems I could implement, but more importantly, he helped me confidence in my work and the courage to level up."

- Lizz Franco

"If you’re on the fence about applying to work with Daniel, get off the fence and apply. For me, working with Daniel has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He has a wonderful way of becoming a mirror to your own journey, and ultimately helping you level up in all aspects of your life."

- TJ McCoy

"I needed someone who was going to want to get to know me, understand my goals, and be passionate about my ideas. Daniel surpassed that, guided me to a magical mindset shift, became my friend, and helped propel me forward into this new chapter of my life (let’s just say ‘coaching’ is an understatement)."

- Kayla Garretson

Stellar Feedback from Bob Mason in Pittsburg, PA

"Daniel helped by a transition point in my career. I was winding down on the end of a 5-year plan that had come to fruition, and was looking for the next steps forward for the following 5-year plan. I had a bunch of ideas, but no real direction on how to pursue them or even if they were worthwhile to pursue.

After working and meeting with Daniel over the course of 3 months, I was able to eliminate some of the ideas that were just noise and would either not have been scaleable or would have had much of a payoff at the end. I now have a more clear vision of how to proceed in order to meet my goals and get to the next level.

On a personal level, Daniel is one of the most warm, caring, positive and friendly persons I've been involved with. Every interaction was a small lesson in how a person can brighten your day. If you are considering working with Daniel, just do it. You will not be disappointed."

— Robert Mason.


The New Wave Six-Figure Mastermind

Before you apply, please understand one thing: you do not need coaching. Nobody does.

They types of people I partner with are those who will be successful whether or not we decide to work together. 

So why work with me?

Simple: because you want a boost. You want the support. You want the energy, insight and watchful eye of somebody who has done this before.

Not because you won’t be able to do it alone — but because you want to make your goals happen more efficiently. It’s easier to push hard when you know that none of your efforts are being wasted.

So that’s what we’ll do. Push. Together.

 My job is to challenge you to push harder than you could alone, help you connect the dots in an increasingly complex online business space.

My mission is to help you create massive momentum in your life and shatter your comfort zone.

We’ll have our work cut out for us. So, if you’re ready, apply below.