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Most people approach life as a process of constant addition, clinging to every scrap of material they can hoard. This is not the way.

We acquire people, possessions and accomplishments in an attempt to “fix” something we perceive to be broken, but cannot actually identify. The secret lies not in a lifetime of addition through personal or professional achievement, but one of subtraction to our original essence.

Removing everything that is not you, you can learn to become yourself. This is the game.

The True Artifact the groundbreaking new book by bestselling author Daniel DiPiazza — contains 33 timeless transmissions of wisdom in the form of short essays that reveal a new way of finding your purpose and navigating the world.

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Why This Book? Why Now?

Many people have asked me why I decided to take this direction in my career and why I decided to publish this specific book at this time.

There are many reasons why now was the right time...

What I can say for certain is that the mental hurdles I've had to overcome in order to release it have been the most extraordinary learning experience.

This is the book that my agent and publisher didn’t want.

That meant that if I was going to do it, it had to be solo. It’s the right choice, but still harder without support and a big machine behind you.

This is all very personal and private material that on the surface, has nothing to do with business — from death, to betrayal, to my personal failings as a man, to my connection with God...and much more.

​The True Artifact contains everything I'm afraid to talk about. And all the things which have grown me the most — both personally and professionally.

I've translated these pivotal points into thirty-three transmissions of wisdom that you can apply directly to your own inner journey.

Perfect for spiritual seekers and CEOs alike, the passages in this book will inspire you to find your unique potential.

That's why it's scary...and exciting!

Thank you for being here.

Very sincerely yours,

Inside The Book

  • Author’s Note | v
  • Introduction | vi
  • Prelude: The Sage In Apartment 3B | 7
  • The Voice | 10
  • Close The Loop | 12
  • Inspiration Isn’t Coming | 14
  • Just See It Through | 16
  • The Talents and Gifts you Take For Granted | 20
  • A Plea to The Trapped Creator Inside You | 24
  • Do The Work | 26
  • Innate | 28
  • The Night My Grandmother Died | 30
  • Consistency | 35
  • The Prism Of Intention | 36
  • The Cloud Of Potential | 37
  • My Word Is Law | 38
  • To Apologize | 39
  • On Friendships | 46
  • Guiding Principles | 51
  • The Master’s Oath: An Affirmation | 54
  • Letter To Myself At 30 | 56
  • This Is It | 58
  • What Is Deja Vu? | 61
  • Ouroboros | 63
  • Individuality | 65
  • Seed & Root | 67
  • The Gradient Of Now | 70
  • Even Warriors Cry | 74
  • Chrysalis | 76
  • Seasons | 77
  • You Create You | 80
  • The Slow Boil Of 3D | 83
  • You Own The Universe | 88
  • What It’s Like To Die | 90
  • Oversoul | 95
  • The True Artifact | 96
  • Work With Daniel DiPiazza | 98
  • Listen to The New Wave Podcast | 100
  • A Gift for You | 102
  • Share a Book. Get a Book. | 103
  • About The Author | 104

9 Things The True Artifact

Will Teach You About Yourself

  • How to Channel Your Inner Wisdom to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose (Page 15)
  • Utilizing The Powerful Hidden Force of Creation That Lives Deep Inside You (Page 29)
  • Why Everything You Previously Thought About Achievement is Wrong (Page 45)
  • Determining Which of Your Friendships Are Most Loyal, Nourishing and Important (Page 57)
  • 11 Guiding Principles For a Life of Consistent Evolution and Deep Fulfillment (Page 63)
  • The Most Powerful Affirmation in The World (Page 67)
  • The Secret to Making Your Dreams Appear in 3D Reality (Page 101)
  • What It's Like to Die (Page 109)
  • The Nature of Your True Identity (Page 117)

Meet Daniel DiPiazza


Daniel DiPiazza is a writer, entrepreneur and martial artist who uses his unique gifts to connect people and ideas together. He began writing before he could read and has always considered the written word to be his greatest tool for self-discovery. Daniel is also the host of The New Wave Podcast, where he can be found recording daily episodes on life, business, technology, psychology, psychedelics and more.

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